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Restore the NoAds purchase after upgrading Metanota

Due to the way AppStore apps are supposed to work, each time a new version of the app is downloaded from the store the "proof of purchase" for any optional item must be downloaded again and saved along app's files.

Retrieving your "NoAds" purchase after upgrading Metanota to the last version is very straightforward. You can do any of the following :
  • At first launch, Metanota will present a dialog asking the user to either buy the NoAds option or retrieve a previous purchase. Selecting the "Restore purchase" button will retrieve the purchase status for Apple servers and hide the ads again
  • One can invoke the same dialog box by selecting the "Remove ads" button under the advertising ad in the lower left corner.
  • The most direct way is to select the menu item Metanota > Remove advertising ... from the main app menu on the top of the screen

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