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Zombie folders in Simplenote

This issue is solved by the new Metanota v2.1 by using the "new" Simplenote API.

Old explanation

Unfortunately this is not caused by Metanota but by Simplenote sync servers. Certain folders (especially "older" ones) will seemingly be deleted from Simplenote but the servers will send it back to Metanota as a valid, existing folder. So, it will "reappear" in Metanota.

It's nothing I can do in Metanota to prevent that and deleting and reinstalling it would not help, as the "zombie" folders will be sent back by Simplenote over and over again.

A simple test can be done easily : 
- open your browser, go to SimpleNote's webapp site and login as usual
- in the same browser window copy and paste the following URL in the address bar :
- you will receive back a list of tags/folders you have in your account, more or less in the same way Metanota is receiving them itself
- check the list and you will find, most probably, one or more of your "zombie" folders

I've managed to do two things to get rid of "zombie" folders :

- write to Simplenote support and ask them to fix the folders. After a couple of days the offending folders were gone for good.
- from the Web interface export your notes to a local CSV/XML file, delete your account, create it back and import your notes form the backup. I've did that recently and all the zombie folders problems were gone (for a while)

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