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apply tag to notes by dragging onto folder in left column (enable selection of multiple notes)

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Kristian Kloeckl shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Piotr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    thanks for commenting. Glad to hear about your plans, too. Regarding the multiple notes operations, several solutions come to my mind: you could put an option in preferences to enable multiple items operations, or you could ask the user for confirmation if he/she attempts multiple items dragging and provide a checkbox in the message with an option to not get asked in the future, (plus probably an option in the settings to reset the warning/warnings). You could also just issue the warning and ask for confirmation with safe default answer so as to make sure that nobody will blindly "hurt themselves"; either way, I would also make sure that the undo can revert a reasonable number of tag changes in case of some inadvertent change.

    I can see your point - your product probably appeals to different groups of users, and it would not be wise to rush and risk loosing them. Still, I think that your program has also the potential of appealing to more demanding users i.e. those who have very many notes (as Simplenote does appeal to them)

    Just another thought - perhaps you could provide some lock or edit button that enables (prevents) potentially harmful operations, i.e. moving the folders, reordering them, moving multiple (maybe even single) notes between folders? Sort of "safe browsing" mechanism.



  • Adminbogdanf (Admin, Metanota) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    thank you for your appreciation and for the very pertinent suggestions. I agree, Metanota has not reached yet its full potential and, as I am a hard core Metanota user myself, I am frustrated about his present shortcomings.
    Many of your suggestions are already on my feature list and I'm working (slowly) to implement them, but I don't want to rush things and implement things the wrong way.

    For example, in the 2.0 version one will be able to drag a note over a tag to add the tag to the note, but just one note at a time (no multiple note selection). I wanted to avoid user mistakes that affects a large number of notes a time. What is your view on that ? Should multiple selections/operations be allowed ot not ?

    About "Possibility to manually reorganize tag's order and decide on the color would be very nice, too." - Already implemented in the upcoming 2.0, so good news :-)


  • Piotr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Kristian, I think that all your suggestions are spot on. I voted for them.

    Bogdan, I am very glad to hear that you plan to support tagging by drag'n drop, but please do not stop there. Add everything that is needed for swift and easy reviewing and organizing of notes. Then the NVAlt & Metanota will make a perfect combo that will be a must for all power users.

    Metanota's strength is that it lets you see all your structure of notes. It's layout is perfectly suited for reviewing, reorganizing, renaming, finding notes with missing tags and tagging them, deleting those that are no longer necessary, etc. I bought Metanota just for that, because while NVAlt can not be beaten for what it does - instant input and search - it seriously lacks at organizing notes, and reviewing with it is almost impossible.

    Only when I tried a major reorganization of my notes with Metanota, I realized how extremely frustrating it was:
    The program shows you in an instant what has to be done, but actually doing it, e.g. renaming a tag and reapplying it to a group of notes; moving notes with wrong tags, finding those that are untagged, etc. requires so much effort that you look for a way of doing it outside of Metanota... Now you do not offer much more organizational capability than the Simplenote's native web client, so in effect the program is a bit toyish - nice, but not for serious work.

    Possibility to manually reorganize tag's order and decide on the color would be very nice, too.

    Thank you for the nice program with great potential. I believe that with several updates you can let us reach the note-taking nirvana ;-)



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